LOST: My Socks FOUND: Sock Crafts


What do you do when the dryer eats your socks and you are left with no matching pairs? Create something new!

In the craft book, Sock Crafts, written by Jeri Dayle, the author demonstrates step-by-step a variety of easy to make crafts using socks. Readers use their imaginations and hands-on thinking to create sock crafts. This book promotes imaginative and flexible thinking.

TITLE: Sock Crafts

AUTHOR: Jeri Dayle


PUBLISHER: A Random House Pictureback Book, 1999


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: flexibility, imagination, inventive


1) Before making any of the crafts in this book, first ask children to think of other ways a sock can be used. Compare the idea list to the crafts listed in the book to see if any of the child’s ideas match the author’s. Then create one or more of the crafts.

2) Spread out supplies on a table – socks, craft glue, rubber bands, pompoms, glitter glue, scissors and stuffing material to fill the sock like beans, rice, cotton balls. Let children use their imaginations to create a sock craft of their own design.

3) Create a sock buddy. Fill the sock about ½ full with rice. Close it by wrapping a rubber band around it. Cut the remaining top sock into strips for hair. To make a face, draw it on with markers or add googly eyes. Don’t forget to name your new buddy.

4) Make sock puppets and put on a show.

Here is my sock buddy created by a student for me.  I keep her close by when I am writing.writingsockbuddy


To learn more about the author Jeri Dayle, visit: http://www.amazon.com/Jeri-Dayle/e/B001HPUO58

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