Creative Thinking Prompt: What Things Do You Wonder About?


Wonder Machine

Creative Thinking Prompt: What things do you wonder about?

Your imagination is a Wonder Machine. Think of an event like a birthday party or a subject like trees. Brainstorm a list of words related to that event or subject. From that list, pick at least 5 words. Imagine you are dropping one of your words into the Wonder Machine (image above).

Plop! Down the tube slides your word. Keep turning the crank to push your word through the Tunnel of Questions until out pops your word transformed into a Wonder for you to think about, to discover, and to explore.

The Tunnel of Wonder questions that you can ask about the word (subject) you dropped into the Wonder Machine can be:

  • what if…
  • why does this….
  • what would happen, if….
  • where does….come from
  • how does…work

(This is not an exhausted list of questions. Please add your own.)

For example, if I drop the word “balloon” into my Wonder Machine and crank the handle, some questions I might ask to create my Wonder are:

  • why does the balloon squeak when rubbed
  • does a color of a balloon affect how strong it is
  • in what ways can I not pop a balloon
  • why can I stick a needle through a piece of tape on the balloon and it doesn’t pop
  • if I use different tapes, would the balloon still not pop when poked with a needle
  • who invented the balloon
  • why was the balloon invented
  • if I could travel on a balloon, where would I go

Now you try.  Go Wonder!

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