Be A Star!

Be A Star!


Finally, it’s Stanley’s turn to be Star of the Week. Each day Stanley shares one favorite thing about himself, but Stanley’s classmates laugh at him. Stanley no longer wants to share. His teacher encourages him to finish what he started. Nervous about sharing his most treasured thing to do – his passion for drawing, Stanley draws a squiggly line. His classmates laugh again, but quickly change their minds when Stanley meets their challenge to create pictures from lines that they have drawn.

Star of the Week written and illustrated by Barney Saltzberg shows readers what it means to take a risk, acceptance of one’s self and to celebrate uniqueness.

TITLE: Star of the Week

AUTHOR: Barney Saltzberg

ILLUSTRATOR: Barney Saltzberg

PUBLISHER: Candlewick Press, 2006

AGE GROUP: elementary

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: uniqueness, imagination, passion, acceptance of one’s self


1) Working with a partner, each person draws a squiggly line on separate sheets of paper. Taking your partner’s drawing, pretend you are the squiggle line and act it out.

2) Students draw a squiggly line on a small piece of paper. Tape one drawing onto the center of a large piece of paper or poster board. Take the remaining drawings and add them, connecting each line to the next line. Once all lines have been connected, take a moment to look at the image as a whole. What do you see? What do the lines form?


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    1. Barney Saltzberg has a few books that lend themselves well to creative thinking. I’ll be posting another one of his soon that I think you’ll like.

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