Creative Thinking Prompt: Your Door to Your Imagination

Creative Thinking Prompt:  Your Door to Your Imagination

Doors can be portals to new worlds. A way a door looks can tell a lot about where it leads to. Look at the pictures below.

Where do you imagine these doors lead?

Creative Thinking Prompt:  Use your imagination to design your own door and where it will take you. Use multiple mediums to create a two-dimensional or three-dimensional door. Make your door as ornate as you like.

How does your door open? Does it creak? Is it silent?

Is your door upright or upside-down?

Do you enter into an underwater world, an underground world, an alien world, a fantasy, etc?

What time is it? 1800’s, 2050, night, dawn, etc.

When you walk through the door, what do your feet touch? What do you smell? What do you see? Is someone or something waiting for you?

Now imagine what you will do in this new world.

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