Creative Thinking Prompt: Animal Letter Writing

Prairie Dog
Creative Thinking Prompt: Animal Letter Writing

Look around your environment.

What types of animals of might live here?

Choose one animal to study.

Pretend to be that animal.

Write a letter to your best friend who is another animal in a different country.

Explain what is like to live where you live, what do you eat, how do you get food, what’s your home like, who are your “friends,” what’s your favorite thing to do, etc. Include a picture of yourself and your name. You could mail your letter to a friend or a family member and see if they write you back as an animal.

2 thoughts on “Creative Thinking Prompt: Animal Letter Writing

  1. Dear Mrs. Kelley,
    It has come to my attention that there are not enough pigs on the picture book scene. I thought I would offer my services in identifying the remarkable abilities that pigs have that can be amplified for use in character-driven children’s literature. Did you ever wonder how good a pig looks in a red cape, maybe even with a hood? Consider the aww-effect of our curly little tails. Or the fact that pigs are omnivores, making a pig an excellent choice for the role of chef, or perhaps…baker!
    Penelope P. Paystreecheff

    1. Dear Penelope P. Paystreecheff,

      I agree pigs are underrepresented in the picture book scene. Cute curly q tails and ominvore appetites are pig-tastic traits for a pb character.

      What a pig-cellent idea, my pink friend! A pig as a baker! I just so happen to have a pastery chef opening at my bakery. Come on over for interview.

      Best regards,
      Emeril P. Wolf (a.k.a. Mrs. Kelley)

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