Where’s the Baboon? A 2-in-1 Book Game

Where’s the Baboon? A 2-in-1 Book Game”

If you love word games and riddles, you’ll love Michael Escoffier’s and Kris Di Giacomo’s Where’s the Baboon?

“Who made this painting?”

“Who is having a birthday?”

Illustrations provide context clues and the colored letters help to answer the questions.

This book promotes imagination and discovery.

TITLE: Where’s the Baboon? A 2-in-1 Book Game

AUTHOR: Michael Escoffier

ILLUSTRATOR: Kris Di Giacomo

PUBLISHER: Enchanted Lion Books, 2015


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, discovery


1) Create your own hidden word game and play with a friend.

2) Take one of the words from the story and invent a new animal based on the remaining letters. For example: if the word is headmaster, the hidden animal word is hamster, the remaining letters are e, d, a. Use these three letters to invent a new animal. Pick three traits from your favorite animal to help create your new animal.


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