How Can You Dance?

How Can You Dance?”

This picture book is a celebration of creative movement. Readers will have fun dancing these new steps.

Imagine how you can dance with spring in your shoes, you can’t move your knees or you’re mad as a bee.

This book promotes creative expression and making connections.

TITLE: How Can You Dance?

AUTHOR: Rick Walton

ILLUSTRATOR: Ana López Escrivá

PUBLISHER: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2001


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creative expression and making connections


1) Make a list of feelings. How might you dance to sadness or happiness or scared?

2) Substitute movement for your name. For example, my name Ann is shown by jumping up and clapping my hands above my head.

3) Tell a short story using only movement (no words). You can use a story you already know or make one up. 


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