Meet the Claymates, two balls of clay that can become anything.

When the artist leaves the room, what could possibly go wrong?

Wolf and Owl continue morphing into other things.

Uh oh! Will the Claymates transform back to their original Wolf and Owl shapes before the artist returns?

This book promotes originality and combinology.

TITLE: Claymates

AUTHOR: Dev Petty

ILLUSTRATOR: Lauren Eldridge

PUBLISHER: Little, Brown and Company, 2017


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: originality, combinology


1) Grab some playdough or make your own. Sculpt two characters. Think about their personalities. Name them. What might be a problem that your characters have? How will they solve it?

2) In the story, Wolf and Owl transform into many things. If you could transform, what would you transform into? List 3 things and why.


Check out this video, Claymating Around!   A sampling of the amazing characters and creatures created in classrooms and libraries from all over!

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