Creative Thinking Prompt: What Else Is A Wreath?

Creative Thinking Prompt: What Else Is A Wreath?

Wreaths are used for many occasions such as Christmas, weddings, memorials, and funerals. When else might a wreath be used?

Sometimes they are worn as crowns to denote rank. What else can a wreath be used for?

Wreaths are typically shaped in a circle with no end and no beginning. What might happen if a wreath was a different shape like an oval, rectangle, or a diamond?

Wreaths are made from several different materials like fir branches, flowers, Styrofoam, tissue paper, and woven straw. What other materials can a wreath be made from?

Creative Thinking Prompt: Use your imagination to design a wreath that can be used on a car. What is the purpose of your wreath? How will it be used? What materials will you use? What is your wreath’s shape?

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