The Gift of Nothing

“The Gift of Nothing”

It is a special day. Mooch wants to give a gift to his best friend, Earl, but what do you give someone who already has a bowl, a bed and a chewy toy? 




Mooch searches and searches until he finally finds…


This sweet book reminds us that the simplest “nothings” are  the best gifts.

This book promotes sharing and different perspective.

TITLE: The Gift of Nothing

AUTHOR: Patrick McDonnell

ILLUSTRATOR: Patrick McDonnell

PUBLISHER: Little Brown Company, 2005


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: sharing, different perspective


1) How is an empty box be a gift? What would you do if you received an empty box?

2) Love is something that cannot be seen. Or can it? In what ways do you show love?

3) The symbol for love is a heart. What symbol would you create to represent friendship?

4) What does love sound like, smell like, taste like, feel like and look like? Using your answers to these sensory questions, write a poem about love.


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