If I Built A Car

If I Built A Car”

Written and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen, If I Built A Car is an imaginative, fun, rhyming story.

To transform a car from boring to spectacular, Jack imagines a grand design.

A pool, a fish tank, and a snack bar are a few necessary features.

A grand car is not complete without soaring through the sky and diving underwater with environmentally-friendly fumes–flowers and blueberry muffins. What kind of car would you design?

This book promotes creative expression and imagination.

TITLE: If I Built A Car

AUTHOR: Chris Van Dusen

ILLUSTRATOR: Chris Van Dusen

PUBLISHER: Dutton Children’s Books, 2005


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creative expression, imagination


1) Let your imagination go wild! Design your own car. Begin by researching vintage and modern cars. What features do you like? Is there a specific time period you are drawn to? Brainstorm one category – things that fly. Brainstorm a second category – things that float. From each list, circle your two most unusual things. Combine them to create a new car design. What purpose(s) would your car serve?

2) Chris Van Dusen dedicates his book to his parents in a funny, clever way.

Write a clever dedication to someone who inspired you to accomplish an important endeavor.


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