From the cover to the end of the Petra’s story, readers’ imaginations will spark. Petra is a mountain. Nothing can move her.

Petra is an egg. What will she grow up to be?

Petra is an island.

What else will Petra be?

This book promotes imagination and flexible thinking.

TITLE: Petra

AUTHOR: Marianna Coppo

ILLUSTRATOR: Marianna Coppo

PUBLISHER: Tundra, 2018


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, flexible thinking


1) Build or design a rock home for an insect or small creature.

2) What else can a rock be? Make a list of attributes of a rock. What attributes does a rock have that can be used in something else? For example: strength (attribute) – can be used to build a tower. How might the rock’s strength be good for building? How might the rock’s strength not be good for building?


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