With Love, Little Red Hen

“With Love, Little Red Hen”

Little Red Hen and her chicks move to a new cottage in Hidden Forest to grow a corn crop. When she asks some neighbors for help, they refuse. Letters written by her neighbors, Goldilocks, Little Red Hen, Peter Rabbit, and Little Red Riding Hood tell the story of Little Red Hen and their plan to help their new neighbor but Wolfy Lupus and his cousin Fer O’Cious have a plan of their own.

This book promotes imagination, different perspectives, and creativity.

TITLE: With Love, Little Red Hen

AUTHOR: Alma Flor Ada


PUBLISHER: Atheneum Books for Young Children, 2001


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: different perspectives, creative, imagination


1) Each character writes letters in first person point of view. Write a letter to one of the characters in the story telling them of a problem you have. Have that character write you back offering you a solution to the problem.

2) In this story, the author and illustrator created a new world for these well-known characters. Pick a well-known character. Use your imagination to create a world different from the world that your character would normally live in. Draw a map of this new world.


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