A Dazzling Display of Dogs

A Dazzling Display of Dogs”

A collection of thirty-four visual poems, A Dazzling Display of Dogs, celebrates all things canine.


This lyrical picture book features a variety of poetic forms such as haiku and cinquain with delightful illustrations of different dog breeds.

This story promotes creative components of humor and perspective.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I like this book because I love dogs and poetry of course, and how the book introduces different ways to write poems and how to display those poems. Vibrant and fun illustrations fill each page, creating individual stories.

TITLE: A Dazzling Display of Dogs

CONCRETE POEMS by: Betsy Franco

ILLUSTRATOR: Michael Wertz

PUBLISHER: Tricycle Press, 2011


TOPIC(S): dog behavior, dog breeds, poetry

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: humor, perspective


1) Make a list of dog breeds. Pick three – four breeds to combine together to create a new breed. Sketch how your new dog will look. Name your dog.


Use “Saltwater Mutt” written by Betsy Franco as inspiration to write a concrete poem about your new dog breed.


To learn more about poet Betsy Franco, visit:


To learn more about illustrator Michael Wertz, visit:


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