Christmas Wombat

Christmas Wombat”

Wombat lives in Australia. His favorite pastimes are scratching, sleeping, digging, and especially, eating carrots.

Wombat encounters strange creatures. He battles them…

…and wins the carrots.

After settling down for a nap on the back of Santa’s sleigh, Wombat travels the world. Along the way, he encounters more strange creatures and lots of carrots. Humor accompanies every page turn.

This story promotes creative components of originality and humor.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I like this book’s exceptional humor and unique storyline.

TITLE: Christmas Wombat

AUTHOR: Jackie French

ILLUSTRATOR: Bruce Whatley

PUBLISHER: Clarion Books, 2012


TOPIC(S): Christmas, carrots

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: originality, humor


1) What other animals love to eat carrots? How might that animal “win” carrots from reindeer?

2) Invent a joke or riddle about wombat.

3) What is one of your family’s Christmas traditions (if you celebrate)? How might a wombat fit into your tradition?


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