Once upon a time there were two kinds – rabbits and birds. 

One day a new kind hatched – both rabbit and bird.

But the rabbits and birds decide that he is neither a rabbit or a bird. Neither flies away to the Land of All where no one is the same.

A rabbit and a bird show up in the Land of All. Will they be accepted?

This story promotes creative components of perspective, individuality, and parts to whole.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I like this book because it celebrates diversity in a kid-friendly manner.

TITLE: Neither

AUTHOR: Airlie Anderson

ILLUSTRATOR: Airlie Anderson

PUBLISHER: Little, Brown and Company, 2018


TOPIC(S): belonging, diversity, acceptance

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: perspective, individuality, parts to whole


1) Create the character Neither using a marshmallow candy chick and a marshmallow candy rabbit. Then try mixing it up by using candy to create a new character whose appearance would put it in a “Neither” category.

2)  Find an image from a magazine that represents friendship. With permission, cut out the image. Next cut the images into puzzle pieces. Have a friend put your puzzle together.


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