Wash On!

Wash On!”

When Mrs. Gillis gives her daughter a bath, Petronilla says, “Wash On!” Instead of the colors washing away, they stain. Colors transfer to other things.

Soon Petronilla’s family and home are covered in color. They go to the doctor to see if there is a cure. The doctor diagnoses them with coloritis without a cure. Coloritis spreads through the town and the country.

As it spreads across the world, things begin to blend together, and even disguise Petronilla’s dog. Will Petronilla be able to stop coloritis and find her beloved pet?

This story promotes the creative components of imagination and perspective.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I like this book because of its unique illustrations. For me, I enjoy mixed media because I feel it enhances the storytelling through the different layers of texture and color. I like how the author builds the story around the opposite of what should be done – wash on.

TITLE: Wash On!

AUTHOR: Philippe Coudray

ILLUSTRATOR: Manon Gauthier

PUBLISHER: Pajama Press, 2018


TOPIC(S): coloring a dull day, cause and effect, too much of a good thing



1) What is one of your favorite things? Imagine the world filled with this favorite item, and draw a picture that shows this. Then think about…in what ways might this affect others positively and negatively? Now draw a picture that shows a world that is in balance of having this favorite item.

2) Create a scene of your bedroom or other room of your choice, using mixed media materials such as newspaper scraps, fabric scraps, watercolor paints, pen or pencil, and stampers.


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