“A Story That Grows”

“A Story That Grows”

A Story That Grows is a bedtime story that is sure to engage young readers and prompt imaginations. 

Based on the stuffed animal that the child is holding, readers can guess, before the page is turned, who the next reading family will be.

This book promotes creative components of originality and clever storytelling.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because of its different perspective of telling a bedtime story and that it highlights the caring relationship between a child and caregiver.

TITLE: A Story That Grows

AUTHOR: Gilles Bachelet

ILLUSTRATOR: Gilles Bachelet

PUBLISHER: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2019

Originally published in France, 2016


TOPIC(S): bedtime, parent-child relationship

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: cleverness, originality, perspective


1) Think of three places where you might find groups of animals. (i.e. zoo, carnival) Next pick an animal from your location. Draw your animal father or mother or grandparent telling a bedtime story to an animal child. Don’t forget to add a stuffed animal that the child cuddles.

2) When you hear A Story that Grows, what images came to mind? I first thought of a vegetable that grows on a vine. Then I wondered about how a story could grow. What else could the author mean by the title, A Story that Grows? Use your imagination to write a story that grows using an image that first came to your mind.


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