Animal Masquerade

“Animal Masquerade”

It’s a party! All the animals are invited but they must dress in a disguise. What will each animal dress as?

Bear decides to disguise himself as a snail. 

Snail disguises itself as a tiger. 

Butterfly dresses as  a bat.

And bat goes to the party disguised as  a big gorilla.

Can you guess what disguise the hippopotamus will dress as? See if you are right when you check out this delightful book from your library.

This 118 page picture book invites quite the party!

This book promotes creative components of imagination and discovery.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because readers can use their imaginations to imagine what the animal will dress up as while with page turns discover what the animal did dress up as.

TITLE: Animal Masquerade

AUTHOR: Marianne Dubuc

ILLUSTRATOR: Marianne Dubuc

PUBLISHER: Kids Can Press, 2012


TOPIC(S): animals, disguises

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, discovery


1) Make an animal mask. Here are some links for inspiration.

To make a paper plate 3D animal mask:

To make a foam animal mask:

2) Pick an animal of your choice. Study how your animal moves. Now imagine yourself as that animal and create a dance the animal would do when it discovers a surprise. 

3) If you were invited to a masquerade, what animal would you disguise yourself as? Then what would that animal disguise itself as?


To learn more about author/illustrator Marianne Dubuc, visit:

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