Lines That Wiggle

“Lines That Wiggle”

Follow the glittery line 

that runs through this picture book 

and turns itself into all kinds of things.

In this rhyming story, readers discover lines are found in everyday objects. 

Also, readers can trace the sparkly cursive line with their fingers because it is textured and raised. 

This book promotes creative components of flexible thinking and different perspectives.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because it shows all sorts of things that a line can be. Readers can experience this book through their tactile and visual senses.

TITLE: Lines That Wiggle

AUTHOR: Candace Whitman


PUBLISHER: Blue Apple Books, 2009


TOPIC(S): lines, forms and shapes

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: flexible thinking, different perspective


1) Draw a squiggle. Have someone transform your squiggle into an image.

2) Draw all sorts of lines – wavy, straight, zig zag, loop-de-loop, etc. Imagine what could be at the end of those lines. 

3) “Lines are everywhere you look so find some lines not in this book!” Look around you. What lines did you discover?


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