The Sleepy Songbird

“The Sleepy Songbird”

Peep wakes to the sound of a beautiful song. He flies through the forest asking different animals if they are the one who is singing the lovely tune.

He finds the Dawn Chorus. They offer for him to audition, but Peep is too late or too sleepy to sing in the morning. 

“Why can I sing in the evening but not the morning?” he wondered. Another little bird answers, “Because you’re a nightingale, just like me.”

Lovely, warm artwork accompanies this heartfelt story of a bird who discovers his specialness.

This book promotes creative components of nature and uniqueness.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because of its relatable heartfelt message and adorable illustrations.

TITLE: The Sleepy Songbird

AUTHOR: Suzanne Barton

ILLUSTRATOR: Suzanne Barton

PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury, 2014


TOPIC(S): nature, relationships, being special

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: nature, uniqueness


1) Hum a song that represents you.

2) Easy, colorful how to draw a robin by Suzanne Barton:


To learn more about author/illustrator Suzanne Barton, visit:

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