The Upper Case: Trouble in Capital City

“The Upper Case: Trouble in Capital City”

All the uppercase letters are missing in Capital City!

If they are not found, the city will be in complete chaos.

Private I, the last uppercase letter, is on the case. 

For all those readers who loved Private I in the book, 7 Ate 9, here’s another case that needs his help.

This book promotes creative components of humor and fluency thinking.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because of its word play and the use of character traits which propel the story.

TITLE: The Upper Case: Trouble in Capital City

AUTHOR: Tara Lazar


PUBLISHER: Disney Hyperion, 2019


TOPIC(S): humor, fluency thinking



1) Pick two letters of your first name. What might happen if those letters went missing? How might you say your name? How might you solve the case of your missing first name? Create a story that explains how your letters went missing and how you found them.

2) Invent a new language. Use a different symbol to represent each letter of the alphabet. Then write your name using the symbols. Write a message using your symbols. Give your symbol-alphabet to a friend so they can decipher the message.


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