Who Took The Farmer’s Hat?

“Who Took The Farmer’s Hat?”

When the wind takes the farmer’s old brown hat, the farmer asks Squirrel, Mouse, Fly, Goat and Duck if they have seen his hat. No one has seen the hat. 

Yet, each one sees something different – a round pot, a round brown hill, and more. Read this book for a sweet ending.

This book promotes the creative component of flexible thinking.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because the nostalgic illustrations and text take me back to books of my childhood. Also, readers can imagine what else a hat can be. 

TITLE: Who Took The Farmer’s Hat?

AUTHOR: Joan L. Nodset

ILLUSTRATOR: Fritz Siebel 

PUBLISHER: HarperCollins Children’s Books, 1963


TOPIC(S): farmer, farm, problem solving

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: flexible thinking


1) Pick a setting other than a farm such as a city or school. What else can a hat be in that particular setting?

2) Pick a unique style of hat. What else can that hat be?


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