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Creative Thinking Prompt: Egg-cellent Treasure

Creative Thinking Prompt: Egg-cellent Treasure Map


Design a treasure map for younger children to find an egg-cellent basket of goodies. 

Design a Treasure Map

 1. Survey the area where the egg hunt will be. You could use your backyard.

 2. Make a list of landmarks.

 3. Make a list of possible hiding spots. Choose one to hide the basket of goodies.

 4. For each landmark, write a riddle as a clue. Hide the clue inside a plastic egg. Solving the clue leads to the next location.

 5. Create a key for your map. Often maps use symbols to represent things. The mapkey explains what they mean.

 6. Hide your clues and basket.

 7. Give your map to the treasure hunter.

Happy Treasure Hunting! 

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create a Healthy Kid Ad

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create a Healthy Kid Ad


What do these two images have in common?

These ads promote health: healthy food and healthy lungs.

Think about:

The main purpose of advertising is to make people aware of a product and persuade them to buy it or use it.

What is the message that these two advertisements are promoting?

How is imagery used to influence people?

How might you improve these ads?

Creative Thinking Prompt: Design an advertisement that educates kids on the importance of being healthy. It can be a product like an exercise machine, game, book, food, or exercise video. Think about in what ways a kid is like the product you have chosen. How can you use that to represent a healthy kid in your ad? What colors might you use? How will you lay out your design?  Draw your ad. Don’t forget to add a slogan – a short phrase that people can easily remember.

Creative Thinking Prompt: Graffiti Name Art

Creative Thinking Prompt: Graffiti Name Art

How many times in a day do you write your name? Give your name some spunk and pizazz with graffiti.

Learn how to draw your graffiti name at

Learn how to draw graffiti names at

Did you know that modern graffiti is widely considered to have started in 1967 by Cornbread, a high school student from Philadelphia, who tagged city walls to get the attention of a girl?

***Do not graffiti other people’s property without their permission.