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Creative Thinking Prompt: Scientific Artist Paul Friedlander

Creative Thinking Prompt: Scientific Artist Paul Friedlander

Pairing his two university degrees, one in physics and one in fine arts, Paul Friedlander, a kinetic light artist, creates sculptures from bands of light waves. He explores visible waves that have expressive power, a music of light as he calls it.

Listen to Paul speak about his process in this short Youtube video:

 Creative Thinking Prompt: How might you create a light sculpture using flashlights or other materials of your choice?


To learn more about Paul Friedlander and view his gallery, visit:

To view more of his light sculptures, visit:

The Dance of the Violin

The Dance of the Violin”

From the time he was very young, Joshua Bell loved music.

He hears stories in songs and envisions them in his head as he plays his violin.

Joshua begs to compete at a competition for more experienced musicians.

He chooses a piece of music, which his teacher suggests is too difficult, but Joshua is determined. At the competition, Joshua begins to play, and almost immediately, he makes a mistake, then another and another.

He stops playing. As he is about to walk off the stage, he asks the judges if he could try again. They agree. This time, instead of focusing on playing perfectly, Joshua envisions the song story in his head and plays seamlessly.

Based on a true story, at age twelve, Joshua Bell competed and placed third at Stulberg International String Competition in Kalamazoo, his first competition. He was one of the youngest musicians there. The next year he placed first.

This book promotes traits of a creative person, originality, passionate, perseverance, and creative talent.

TITLE: The Dance of the Violin

AUTHOR: Kathy Stinson

ILLUSTRATOR: Dušan Petričić

PUBLISHER: Annick Press Ltd., 2017


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creative person, originality, passionate, creative talent, perseverance


1) How do you learn from making a mistake? How might you inspire others to learn from their mistakes?

2) What is something that you love doing? How might you share your interest with others?

3) Listen to this clip of Joshua Bell’s violin playing.

Imagine you are the conductor. How would you move your body to conduct Joshua Bell? 


To learn more about author Kathy Stinson, visit:

To learn more about illustrator Dušan Petričić, visit:

To learn more about Joshua Bell, visit:

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create a Healthy Kid Ad

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create a Healthy Kid Ad


What do these two images have in common?

These ads promote health: healthy food and healthy lungs.

Think about:

The main purpose of advertising is to make people aware of a product and persuade them to buy it or use it.

What is the message that these two advertisements are promoting?

How is imagery used to influence people?

How might you improve these ads?

Creative Thinking Prompt: Design an advertisement that educates kids on the importance of being healthy. It can be a product like an exercise machine, game, book, food, or exercise video. Think about in what ways a kid is like the product you have chosen. How can you use that to represent a healthy kid in your ad? What colors might you use? How will you lay out your design?  Draw your ad. Don’t forget to add a slogan – a short phrase that people can easily remember.