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The Big Adventure Of A Little Line

The Big Adventure Of A Little Line”

While walking a boy finds a line by the side of the road. He brings it home and forgets about it. Then one day he puts the line on a blank page. It moves. So everyday he opens his notebook and talks to the line.

Sometimes the line wouldn’t do what the boy wanted.

The boy and his line grow up together. Inseparable, they tell stories, visit famous people, do dangerous things and travel the world.

Then the time comes. The boy, who is now a man, cuts off a tiny piece of the line and places it along the road. Who will pick it up?

This book promotes creative process, creative expression, and passion.

TITLE: The Big Adventure Of A Little Line

AUTHOR: Serge Bloch


PUBLISHER: Thames & Hudson, 2015


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creative process, creative expression, passion


1) What artist do you admire? What do you admire about that artist? How is that artist creative? In what ways are you like that artist? If you think you aren’t similar to your chosen artist, think deeper because you do have something in common.

2) How is a line like a star? How is an artist like a brain? How is a book without pictures like you? After you answer these questions, develop your own questions comparing lines to other things that seem as if they wouldn’t have anything in common.

3) Listening to music of your choice, draw one continuous line for one minute (no lifting your pencil). Then reflect on your line. Turn it sideways, upside-down to see what else it can be. Transform your line into an image or incorporate it into another picture you have already drawn.


To learn more about author/illustrator Serge Bloch, visit:

Creative Thinking Prompt: Jelly Bean Art

Creative Thinking Prompt: Jelly Bean Art 

 ©Kristen Cumings

 ©Kristen Cumings

Kristen Cumings’ jelly bean version of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”

Kristen Cumings is Jelly Belly’s official artist, using Jelly Belly to create portraits and other well-known works of art. In an interview, Kristen stated, “I like making things out of weird stuff.”

To see more of Kristen Cumings’ artwork, visit:

Watch this music video made using jelly beans, In Your Arms – Kina Grannis (Official Music Video) Stop Motion Animation. It took almost two years to make and has 12,955,254 views.

To see how this video was made, watch:

 Creative Thinking Prompt: Make Jelly Bean Art

Choose a subject. Draw your subject. Add color to your drawing. Collect a variety of colored jelly beans. Brush glue onto your drawing. Add jelly beans and let dry overnight. To create shadows and depth, use a mixture of light and dark colors.

Creative Thinking Prompt: Surrealism

Creative Thinking Prompt: Surrealism

 Rene Magritte

Surrealism art is an art form that reunites the world of dream and fantasy with everyday reality, a mix of conscious and unconscious realms.

Artist Rene Magritte’s surrealism artwork challenges others, in an unexpected manner, to view his art not as it appears to be, but as it appears not. For Magritte, what is concealed is more important than what is open to view.

This art by Rene Magritte looks like a pipe but its translation is “This is not a pipe.”

Creative Thinking Prompt: If this is not a pipe, what else can it be?

Brainstorm alternate uses for this item. Develop a new name for this “pipe”.