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Creative Thinking Prompt: Scientific Artist Paul Friedlander

Creative Thinking Prompt: Scientific Artist Paul Friedlander

Pairing his two university degrees, one in physics and one in fine arts, Paul Friedlander, a kinetic light artist, creates sculptures from bands of light waves. He explores visible waves that have expressive power, a music of light as he calls it.

Listen to Paul speak about his process in this short Youtube video:

 Creative Thinking Prompt: How might you create a light sculpture using flashlights or other materials of your choice?


To learn more about Paul Friedlander and view his gallery, visit:

To view more of his light sculptures, visit:

Creative Thinking Prompt: Preschool Hiphop

Creative Thinking Prompt: Preschool Hiphop

Hiphop music is for everyone! Producer Charles Fulp and country singer/songwriter Madonna Nash collaborated to produce this album of hiphop songs for preschoolers titled Preschool Popstars!

Listen to these animated rap songs. I’ll bet your toes will tap and you’ll be singing along. Let your little ones create a dance to accompany these raps.

We Want A Juice Box

I Didn’t Mean To Burp




To learn more about Madonna Nash, visit:

To learn more about Preschool Popstars, visit:


If I Built A Car

If I Built A Car”

Written and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen, If I Built A Car is an imaginative, fun, rhyming story.

To transform a car from boring to spectacular, Jack imagines a grand design.

A pool, a fish tank, and a snack bar are a few necessary features.

A grand car is not complete without soaring through the sky and diving underwater with environmentally-friendly fumes–flowers and blueberry muffins. What kind of car would you design?

This book promotes creative expression and imagination.

TITLE: If I Built A Car

AUTHOR: Chris Van Dusen

ILLUSTRATOR: Chris Van Dusen

PUBLISHER: Dutton Children’s Books, 2005


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creative expression, imagination


1) Let your imagination go wild! Design your own car. Begin by researching vintage and modern cars. What features do you like? Is there a specific time period you are drawn to? Brainstorm one category – things that fly. Brainstorm a second category – things that float. From each list, circle your two most unusual things. Combine them to create a new car design. What purpose(s) would your car serve?

2) Chris Van Dusen dedicates his book to his parents in a funny, clever way.

Write a clever dedication to someone who inspired you to accomplish an important endeavor.


To learn more about author/illustrator Chris Van Dusen, visit: