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Creative Thinking Prompt: Summer Monster

Creative Thinking Prompt: Summer Monster

Create a Summertime Monster.

First, list all the facts that you know about summer.

Grab a clump of clay. Mush it as you think about your summertime facts.

Next, think about traits of a monster. (Your monster can be cute or scary.)

Now take some of your summer facts and combine it with some of your monster traits to create a Summer Monster.

How does your Summer Monster help Nature during Summer? Name your monster.

A Stone for Sascha

A Stone for Sascha”

A summer vacation is different for a young girl and her family without their beloved dog.

As the girl throws rocks into the ocean, she wonders and discovers a truth across the ages. A meteorite strikes Earth. This rock changes hands through many eras, becoming an important part of different civilizations.

Finally it lands at the bottom of the ocean and washes ashore to become something again.

A beautiful wordless story that deals with grief and how things never truly disappear.

This book promotes imagination, originality, and courage.

TITLE: A Stone for Sascha

AUTHOR: Aaron Becker


PUBLISHER: Candlewick Press, 2018


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, originality, courage


1) Name one thing that goes on forever. How is the thing able to keep going on? What happens to this thing as time goes on? Does it change as it goes?

2) What else can a stone do? Brainstorm a list of ideas. Pick one of your ideas and change it into a story that can help someone.


To learn more about author/illustrator Aaron Becker, visit:

Watch the trailer and the story behind the making this book:

Creative Thinking Prompt: Wish Upon A Dandelion

Creative Thinking Prompt: Wish Upon A Dandelion
AdinaVoicu / Pixabay

Make A Wish