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Creative Thinking Prompt: Design A Frozen City or Ice Sculpture

Creative Thinking Prompt: Design A Frozen City or Ice Sculpture

For the past 33 years, Harbin, the capital of China’s Heilongjiang province, hosts the annual Harbin International Ice Snow Sculpture Festival, now the largest ice and snow festival in the world. With subzero temperatures, exhibits of ice sculptures created mostly from ice blocks cut from the Songhua River are displayed across multiple locations. One 2018 exhibit stood almost as tall as Paris’ L’Arc de Triomphe. Multi-colored lights give color to ice while deionized water is used to give ice perfect clarity.

Creative Thinking Prompt: Design a Frozen City or Sculpture

  1. Think about ways on how to make ice cubes stick together.
  2. Design your city layout or your sculpture.
  3. Gather Materials:
  • Ice cubes (different sizes and shapes)
  • Food coloring – to create different colored ice cubes
  • Jello – use gelatin to create different colored cubes instead of food coloring and/or use jello as building material
  • Water
  • Cookie sheet to build your city or sculpture upon
  • Multi-colored lights to light up your work
  • Any other materials that will make your creation unique

*Note: When ice begins to melt, you may need to refreeze. Once solid again, begin working on your creation. 

Think Deeper:  Experiment with crushed fruit ice cubes to make an edible ice sculpture.

For a how-to on making colored ice cubes, visit:

The Snow Tree

The Snow Tree”

“Little Bear woke and the world around was white.” He wonders where all the colors went and searches for color in this white winter world.

Little Bear’s friends help by bringing colors of nature such as leaves, berries, and feathers to decorate the Snow Tree.

A colorful story about friendship and sharing.

Gorgeous illustrations and embossed pages add texture for readers’ delight as well as the poetic text printed in calligraphy.

This story promotes nature, sharing, and flexible thinking.

TITLE: The Snow Tree

AUTHOR: Caroline Repchuk

ILLUSTRATOR: Josephine Martin

PUBLISHER: Dutton Children’s Books, 1997


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: nature, sharing, flexible thinking


1) Pick 5 colors. How does each color remind you of a memory of yours?

2) How can you bring light to darkness? Brainstorm 10 ways. Here are a few to get your list started: open a door or window, show someone kindness, smile. Next answer the question in reverse – how can you bring darkness to light?


To learn more about other works by author Caroline Repchuk, visit:

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Creative Thinking Prompt: Kokedama

Creative Thinking Prompt: Make a Hanging Garden

Kokedama is a plant art form from Japan. As a style of bonsai, Kokedama has the plant roots wrapped in moss and bound in string. Originally, kokedama were miniature sculptured bonsai trees displayed in pottery. Today, kokedama has been adapted to a hanging garden from which a variety of plants are suspended in mid-air appearing as if they are floating.

How to make a Kokedama garden, visit:

What Is A Kokedama: Tips On Making Kokedama Moss Balls