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Say Zoop!


“Say Zoop!”

Say Zoop!, a book of many sounds, author/illustrator Hervé Tullet has created another story, Say Zoop!,  a book of many sounds filled with imagination and creativity.

Put your finger on the dot. Say “Oh.” Now put your finger on a bigger dot and a smaller one. Match your Oh to the size of the dots. Pop. Shiver. Want to keep going? Let’s go.

Put your finger on the dot. Say “Ah.” A new friend. Oh and Ah make up a song, animal noises, argue and make up. Now there’s a new friend, Waahoo!

What will the three dot sounds do together?

Through the illustrations use of primary colors, simple line movements and dots, readers easily interact with book.

This book promotes imagination.

TITLE: Say Zoop!

AUTHOR: Hervé Tullet


PUBLISHER: Chronicle Books, 2017




1) If two dots say “oh” and “ah”, what might two ovals say to each other?

2) What sound might a straight line say? A squiggly line? A curved line? A bent line? What color might each of these lines be?

3) Do as author Hervé Tullet suggests and make up new sounds.

4) Elaborate on Oh and Ah’s song by adding more notes and a new sound of your own.


To learn more about author/illustrator Hervé Tullet, visit:

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create Original Stories Using Why

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create Original Stories Using Why

Why do snakes slither?

Why does a cow “moo?”

Why don’t humans have eyes in the back of their heads?

Why does the sun greet the day and the moon greet the night?

Why does it snow only where it’s cold?

Right away, our minds search for a logical answer to these questions based on the knowledge we already know. For the moment, put that aside. Pick two questions. For each one, use your imagination to develop a mini-story as to why these things happened. The stories can be farfetched like a Tall Tale if you’d like.

Think Deeper: Make up your own why questions and share with a friend.

Flora’s Surprise

Flora’s Surprise”

Flora’s family loves to garden.

Everyone is busy planting seeds, except Flora who plants a brick.

Cora’s tulips bloom, Sam’s lettuce grows, and Max’s sprouts sprout but Flora’s brick doesn’t grow.

The seasons change, spring is back and Flora’s brick has finally grown into a house.

This book promotes imagination and wonder.

TITLE: Flora’s Surprise

AUTHOR: Debi Gliori


PUBLISHER: Orchard Books, 2002


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, wonder


1) Besides plants, what else can you grow in a pot?

2) What else can a brick “grow into”? Brainstorm a list of 20 different items.


To learn more about author/illustrator Debi Gliori, visit: