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The Night Box

The Night Box”

 Have you ever wondered what happens when the sun sets and night awakes? In The Night Box, a beautiful poetic bedtime story, the magical nature of Night is explored.

Max watches the “last drips of light.”

After he gets ready for bed, he slips the key into the Night Box. Night tumbles out. It has a job to do.

After a busy darkness, Night gets sleepy. It returns to the box and Day spills out.

This story promotes creative components of wonder, imagination, and different perspective.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I like this book because

TITLE: The Night Box

AUTHOR: Louise Greig

ILLUSTRATOR: Ashling Lindsey

PUBLISHER: Clarion Books, 2017


TOPIC(S): night, overcoming night fears

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: wonder, imagination, different perspective


1) In the story, everything has something in the dark. The branch has an owl. The wall has a tree. What other things can you think up that go together in the dark? For example, the lamppost has moths.

2) If you owned a box with a key, what would come out of your box when you unlock it? What if your unlocked box was filled with an element of nature, which element would it be and how could it help others?


To learn more about author Louise Greig, visit:

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Beware the Monster!

Beware the Monster!”

InBeware the Monster!, written by Michaël Escoffier, a ravenous monster is on the prowl, eating everything in his path – apples, trees, and yes, even cows.

His great big appetite is not satisfied. Who will be next?

Readers beware!

This story promotes creative components of imagination, perspective,  and humor.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I like this book because of the clever twist ending.

TITLE: Beware the Monster!

AUTHOR: Michaël Escoffier


PUBLISHER: Annick Press, 2018


TOPIC(S): monster, scared, perception

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, humor, perspective


1) What are some things that scare you? How might you use humor to be less afraid?

2) Create your own monster that looks frightful. Now change your monster from frightful to silly. You could add silly elements to your sketch like polka-dotted antennae, striped teeth, etc.


To learn more about author Michaël Escoffier, visit:

To learn more about illustrator Amandine Piu, visit:

Please note this website is in French. Google Translator can be used.



Mathematickles! offers a playful introduction to math concepts through a creative lens. Follow a girl and her cat through the seasons using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, graphs and tables.

This story promotes creative components of imagination, flexible thinking, original, and perspective. FYI: This is not a how to book.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: First, I like this book because of the unusual title. It piqued my curiosity about what I would discover between the pages of this book. Also, inventing new words is a favorite pastime of mine. Second, the fun interplay between the concrete nouns, which describe each season and the introduction of basic math concepts allows young readers to think creatively.

TITLE: Mathematickles

POEMS by: Betsy Franco

ILLUSTRATOR: Steven Salerno

PUBLISHER: Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2003


TOPIC(S): basic math concepts, seasons, creative thinking

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, flexible thinking, original, perspective


1) Pick a holiday that you like to celebrate. Use three of the math concepts from the book to describe your holiday. Have someone guess your holiday. For example, pumpkin – seeds + sugar = pumpkin pie; dishes of food x laughter = family gathering; Thanksgiving

2) Create sensory chart for each season. For each season, list as many as you can think up for each sense. Choose items from the list to use with basic math concepts.

Autumn Winter Spring Summer



To learn more about poet Betsy Franco, visit:

To learn more about illustrator Steven Salerno, visit: