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I’m My Own Dog

I’m my own dog. No one owns me. I play fetch by myself. I roll over when I want to. I sit on my own.

But there’s this one spot on my back that I can’t scratch. I let this man scratch it and he followed me home.

Between you and me, I’m his best friend.

This book promotes humor and different perspective.

TITLE: I’m My Own Dog

AUTHOR: David Ezra Stein

ILLUSTRATOR: David Ezra Stein

PUBLISHER: Candlewick Press, 2014


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: humor, different perspective


1) Role-reversal. Pretend you are your mom or dad and she or he is you. Act out what takes place in the morning as each of you get ready for the day.

2) Make up a joke that a cat would tell another cat about a dog. Then invent a cat joke that a dog would tell another dog. 


To learn more about author/illustrator David Ezra Stein, visit:

Creative Thinking Prompt: Wizard of Oz

Creative Thinking Prompt: Wizard of Oz

Create an alternate storyline for Dorothy and the Wizard.

Pretend you are Dorothy and you are traveling the yellow brick road to see the wizard. The road isn’t yellow, it’s ______ (color) and it’s made of ________. Why do you need to see the Wizard? As you travel you come across four travelers: ___________, ______________, ____________, and _________ who also need to see the Wizard. Why do they need to see the Wizard? When you meet the Wizard, what does she/he look like? What power does the Wizard have to grant your wish? Will your wish be granted? If not, what happens next? If yes, what happens next?


What if Dorothy and the Wizard switch places and the Wizard visits Dorothy because she has the power to grant wishes?

Creative Thinking Prompt: Look At It Another Way

Magnifying Glass Vector Set

Creative Thinking Prompt: Look At It Another Way

Look at your surroundings in new ways to gain fresh perspectives.

What would it be like if you…

  1. Stand on top of your head so you are looking at the world-upside down.
  2. Wear a pair of color-tinted glasses.
  3. Use a magnifying to look at something up close and something far away.
  4. Pretend you are a tiny insect, looking upwards.
  5. Pretend you are an eagle flying through the sky, surveying the ground below.
  6. Pretend you are a new student at your school.
  7. Pretend you are an alien and just landed on Earth.
  8. Pretend you are traveling to a country where you don’t understand the language.
  9. Pretend you are the principal of your school.
  10. Pretend to switch bodies with your best friend.
  11. Pretend to be a spoke in your bike’s tire or a wheel on your skateboard.
  12. Pretend to be the ball in a kickball, baseball, soccer or tennis game.

Think Deeper:  Choose one of #4 – #12 perspectives. Imagine that perspective from a 360 degree perspective. Write a short story or poem or letter to a friend based on that perspective.