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Creative Thinking Prompt: Design A Shoe That’s Perfect For You


Creative Thinking Prompt: Design A Shoe That’s Perfect For You

What story will your shoes tell about you? As you design your shoes to be as unique as you are, here are some things to think about.

What’s the purpose of your shoe?

What material to use for the sole?- wood, plastic, rubber, cotton

Will your shoes be flat, have a small heel, have a large heel?

Will you engrave a design like your name on the bottom of your shoe? Will you hide a secret superpower on the bottom of your shoes? A secret compartment?

Laces? No laces? Colored laces? White laces? Tied? Untied?

The shoe tongue – color? shape? no tongue?

Will your shoe be open-toed, open-heel, cut-out shapes on the sides, and/or cover your entire foot?

How high will the back of your shoe go? Ankle? Knee? Mid-calf?

Will there be a logo on the back of the shoe?

What designs will you put on the left side of the right shoe and the right side of the left shoe? How will these designs reflect a part of you?

Sketch your shoe design. Give your shoes a name.

Think Deeper:  What if you turned a pair of shoes into a food item? Creative shoe designers at ShoeBakery have done just that.  Here are a few tempting, but unedible shoes.




Visit to see more inventive designs.

Now you:  Design a pair of shoes that look like your favorite food item or a mode of transportation.

Creative Thinking Prompt: Nature Inspired Designs

Creative Thinking Prompt: Nature Inspired Designs


Curiosity seeker Leonardo da Vinci observed nature fanatically, taking notes and drawing sketches in his notebooks. Da Vinci’s nature observations lead him to design inventions that were ahead of his time. His observations of  birds and their wing structures inspired Da Vinci to design a plane and a parachute.




Many of Da Vinci’sdesigns weren’t able to come to fruition because the materials needed to make his inventions weren’t available during his lifetime.

Your challenge is to observe nature – the plants, trees, water sources, and wildlife. Make a list of attributes for each item you observe. From your list, combine two attributes to inspire an invention design of your own.

Think Deeper:


To learn more about Leonardo da Vinci, check out this book:

To read about other animal inspired inventions, visit:

Don’t Just Look, Read Those Pictures

Creative Thinking Prompt: Don’t Just Look, Read Those Pictures

heartOur minds can quickly assign meaning to images. A stop sign means stop. A heart means love. The letters of the alphabet are lines and curves assembled in specific patterns to create meaning. Even math uses symbols such as  ∞ , >,  ≠  to denote meaning.

When additional images are added to a single image, what happens? A picture.

Brainstorm what the purpose of a picture is.

When you brainstorm, write down all your ideas as they come to you. Do not analyze them. This is not the time for that because you want to think up the most original, creative idea you can. The more ideas you have, the more unusual your ideas become. Eventually, you run out of ideas. Don’t stop. Push yourself to think of at least five more ideas because at this point unique ideas originate.

How can a picture tell a story? Look at a wordless picture book.

What elements does a picture need in order to tell a story? Here are some to get started.

-Background: color use, frame or no frame, place, time

-Perspective: point of view of the character, is the character at the forefront or the back of the

-Personality: clothing, facial expression (eyes, tilt of head, mouth, ears), what is the character doing, age

What are some other elements that help tell the story of a picture?