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Shape Shift

Shape Shift”

Look around. What shapes do you see? You can use shapes to make anything. In Shape Shift, author/illustrator Joyce Hesselberth encourages readers to pair shapes to form new things through the eyes of two characters.

A boy and a girl find shapes. They combine them to make a new image.


The girl sees one thing.


The boy sees something different. What will the reader see?

This book promotes imagination, different perspectives, and discovery.

TITLE: Shape Shift

AUTHOR: Joyce Hesselberth

ILLUSTRATOR: Joyce Hesselberth

PUBLISHER: Henry Holt & Company, 2016


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, different perspectives, discovery


1) Cut out triangles, semicircles, crescents, trapezoids, rectangles, circles, ovals, diamonds, and squares. Play with the shapes, arranging them on their sides, upside-down, right-side, and left-side. Combine two shapes together. What does it make? Now combine three shapes. What can those shapes make? Each time add another shape to combine and create a new image.

2) Invent a new shape. What is your shape’s function? How many sides does it have? Name your shape.


To learn more about author/illustrator Joyce Hesselberth, visit:

“You Like To Eat…What?”



Often seen as the “bad guys,” these top of the food chain predators’ get their feelings hurt. Shark, Wolf, and Lion try very hard not to be who they are – carnivores. In an effort to be part of the crowd, they become vegetarians and wear disguises.


In this hilarious story, Shark, Wolf, and Lion learn to accept who they are meant to be. This book promotes creative problem solving, a different perspective, nature, and humor.

TITLE: Carnivores

AUTHOR: Aaron Reynolds


PUBLISHER: Chronicle Books, 2013


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creative problem solving, a different perspective, nature, and humor


1) Pretend you are a dragon. What types of food would you like to eat? Pick your most favorite meal and write a recipe for it.

2) Imagine you are a goldfish and a tabby cat wants to eat you. How might you persuade the cat to eat something else?


To learn more about author Aaron Reynolds,


To learn more about illustrator Dan Santat,


Creative Thinking Prompt: Cardboard Box Challenge



Cardboard Box Challenge

Creative Thinking Prompt: A cardboard box’s original purpose is to hold items. Find 10 unrelated items lying around your house or in your classroom. For each item, design how that item can hold something. Sketch out your designs. What your most unique design? Which design worked the best? Would you use any of your designs to hold a gift that you would give to someone?

Think Deeper:  In what ways might you redesign the cardboard box to hold items?