Magritte’s Marvelous Hat

“Magritte’s Marvelous Hat”

When Magritte tries on a hat, it floats above his head. He buys the hat and discovers that his painting becomes better than ever.


The hat likes to play hide and seek which inspires Magritte to paint ordinary things in an unordinary way. One day the hat hides so well that Magritte cannot find it. Will he still be able to paint?

This book promotes imagination, wonder, different perspectives, and creativity.

TITLE: Magritte’s Marvelous Hat

AUTHOR: D. B. Johnson


PUBLISHER: Houghton Mifflin Books for Young Children, 2012


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, wonder, different perspectives, creativity


1) Create a new way to play hide and seek by changing the rules, seeking something unusual or using a different setting to play.

2) Surrealism artist Rene Magritte used juxtaposition of imagery in his paintings. Juxtaposition is placing together two contrasting/opposing objects to showcase their differences while forcing a connection(s) between the two. What is a connection that you make in Magritte’s painting titled Golconde?

Your turn: Create a picture that uses two objects that are not associated with each other to form an unlikely connection.


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With Love, Little Red Hen

“With Love, Little Red Hen”

Little Red Hen and her chicks move to a new cottage in Hidden Forest to grow a corn crop. When she asks some neighbors for help, they refuse. Letters written by her neighbors, Goldilocks, Little Red Hen, Peter Rabbit, and Little Red Riding Hood tell the story of Little Red Hen and their plan to help their new neighbor but Wolfy Lupus and his cousin Fer O’Cious have a plan of their own.

This book promotes imagination, different perspectives, and creativity.

TITLE: With Love, Little Red Hen

AUTHOR: Alma Flor Ada


PUBLISHER: Atheneum Books for Young Children, 2001


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: different perspectives, creative, imagination


1) Each character writes letters in first person point of view. Write a letter to one of the characters in the story telling them of a problem you have. Have that character write you back offering you a solution to the problem.

2) In this story, the author and illustrator created a new world for these well-known characters. Pick a well-known character. Use your imagination to create a world different from the world that your character would normally live in. Draw a map of this new world.


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A New School Year: Stories in Six Voices

A New School Year: Stories in Six Voices”

Told in free verse poems written by Sally Derby, A New School Year: Stories in Six Voices,features six students from different backgrounds, kindergarten through fifth grade, as they prepare and attend their first day of school.

This book promotes diversity and different perspectives.

TITLE: A New School Year: Stories in Six Voices

AUTHOR: Sally Derby


PUBLISHER: Charlesbridge, 2017


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: different perspectives, diversity


1) Write a poem or story about your first day of school. Remember to use your five senses.

2) Pretend you are a new student at a new school. How might you want others to treat you? What can you do to welcome new students at your school this year? 


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