Creative Thinking Prompt: A Tasty Work of Art

photo via Erin Bakes

Creative Thinking Prompt: A Tasty Work of Art

Patterned cakes are all the new baking rage. Typically made as a spongecake with a whipped filling, these tasty cakes look like a work of art. If you were to design a pattern for this cake, what type of pattern would you create? How does that pattern relate to you? Why is that pattern important to you?

To learn how to make a patterned cake, view this article:



This baker gives great tips for a successful patterned roll cake. She provides all the information that you need. Click on Show More button beneath the video to view recipe and tools.

Sam Sorts

Sam Sorts”

Sam’s things are in a heap. Time to clean up! Sam notices his things have some things in common like being round or in pairs.

Sam sorts things into categories.

His things match because they have stripes or does. Sam sorts by color, fuzziness, bumpiness, and more. Finally all Sam’s things are sorted. How categories? How many things?

This book promotes creative math.

TITLE: Sam Sorts (One Hundred Favorite Things)

AUTHOR: Marthe Jocelyn

ILLUSTRATOR: Marthe Jocelyn

PUBLISHER: Tundra, 2017




1) Gather a small pile of objects from your room and/or around your house. What do some things have in common? Do objects have common traits with more than one object? How might you sort those? You can use a two circle Venn diagram or try a three circle Venn diagram.


2) Brainstorm a list of things that jump. Brainstorm a list of things that roll. Pick the three most unusual items from each list and combine at least two items to invent a new object. What is the purpose of your object? Give your invention a name.


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Creative Thinking Prompt: It’s not springtime, it’s wingtime!

Creative Thinking Prompt: It’s not springtime, it’s wingtime!

If you could fly, what kind of wings would you have? Would you have dragon wings, butterfly wings, airplane wings…?

Brainstorm a list of wings.

Pick a set of wings or if you prefer you could have two different wing sets – an upper and lower set. Why did you choose that wing type? How might your wings affect how you can fly? Where would you fly to? What else might you use your wings for?