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Red Sings From Treetops


“Red Sings From Treetops”

“In Spring, Red sings from treetops. Red squirms on the road after rain. Green peeks from buds. While sounds like storms.” – Joyce Sidman

Written in beautiful lyrical verse, Red Sings From Treetops, a Caldecott Honor Book, explores nature as colors throughout the span of a year.


Through Joyce Sidman’s vivid sensory language and the gorgeous illustrative work of Pamela Zagarenski, readers’ senses are fully engaged as well as their critical thinking skills.

This story promotes analogical thinking, flexible thinking, imagination, and critical thinking.

TITLE: Red Sings From Treetops, A Year in Colors

AUTHOR: Joyce Sidman

ILLUSTRATOR: Pamela Zagarenski

PUBLISHER: Houghton Mifflin, 2009


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: analogical thinking, flexible thinking, imagination, critical thinking


1) Look around a room. Notice the colors of things. Pick one color to represent two or three objects in that room. Use action verbs, a few adjectives and a simile or metaphor to describe each object.

For example:

BROWN stands on sturdy legs

and rests its cushioned arms.

Frolicking BROWN chases

bouncing spheres.

What does BROWN represent?

Did you guesss a couch and a dog?

2) What’s another word? Create a list of 5 things in your bedroom. Next to each item, write another word or words for that item. For example: bedspread – a toasted sandwich wrap. Then using those alternate words, create a poem about your room.


To learn more about author Joyce Sidman, visit: http://www.joycesidman.com

To learn more about illustrator Pamela Zagarenski, visit:


Creative Thinking Prompt: Grow Your Creativity


Creative Thinking Prompt: Grow Your Creativity

Pick a plant that you like. It can be an indoor or outdoor plant. Make a sketch of your plant. How is your plant like you? It may seem that you and the plant have nothing in common with each other, but remember your brain is wired to find connections and patterns. It will keep thinking until it finds a connection. So give yourself time to think. Label the different parts of your plant – the leaves, the stem, the roots, maybe the pot it’s in, the buds, and the petals with how these parts are like you.

Think Deeper: Look up the definition of the word creative in a dictionary. Then Google the word creative. What does it mean to be creative? Now apply the meaning of being creative to yourself. How are you creative? Write an acrostic poem about your creativity using the word CREATIVE.

Creative Thinking Prompt: What Do You Dream?



Creative Thinking PromptWhat Do You Dream?

So that weird dream you had last night about taking a math test while eating an apple pie, what does it mean? Maybe you’re feeling stressed about taking the math test because you need a good grade. But what about that apple pie? Hmm…

Many people believe that dreams are symbolic. Dreams can be a direct message from your subconscious mind bringing awareness to your conscious mind – helping you to make sense of a problem you might be having or things you are worried about or goals you are trying to achieve. On the other hand, sometimes dreams are just plain silly – replaying images from your day, a book or TV.

Keep a dream journal next to your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake. Not only will you become more aware about yourself and your thoughts, but you might discover answers or steps to take to solve a problem you currently are working on.

Think Deeper: Since dreams can be personal, symbolic meanings can differ from person to person. For example, dreaming of a spider can represent a fear of being trapped for someone who doesn’t like spiders while for someone who likes spiders, a spider can represent a time to express yourself through writing.

Create a dream dictionary. Make a list of symbols that pop up in your dreams and assign your own meaning to those symbols.

For fun and to help inspire you to start your own dream dictionary, visit: http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/

(Please note this website is for the general public, not kid specific.)

By the way, eating an apple pie in your dream could mean the taste of success or you’re hungry and craving pie.