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Meet My Family: Animal Babies and Their Families

Meet My Family: Animal Babies and Their Families”

Laura Purdie Salas’ nonfiction book, Meet My Family: Animal Babies and Their Families celebrates different family systems while informing about each animal.


Laysan albatross chick lives with two moms.

Chinstrap penguins are raised by two dads.

An elephant calf (baby) grows up with his mama in a herd of only female elephants.

When ladybugs are born they do not  like their parents.

Just like animals have all different types of families, humans do, too!

Backmatter presents a table explaining the language used for mother and father based on the animals’ origin and a world map to locate where the animals live.

This story promotes creative components of different perspectives, nature, and diversity.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because kids can find their families in the animal kingdom while learning to appreciate other family types. Readers can see the similarities and differences of the words mother and father to compare it to their native language.

TITLE: Meet My Family: Animal Babies and Their Families

AUTHOR: Laura Purdie Salas

ILLUSTRATOR: Stephanie Fizer Coleman

PUBLISHER: Millbrook Press, 2018


CONCEPTS: family, diversity, acceptance

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: different perspectives, diversity, nature


1) What is your definition of family? After reading the book, count the number of different family types. How is your family alike and different from the animal families?

2) Pick two animals from countries different than the country you live in. What are your animals’ families like? How would you say “family” in the language of the countries your animals live in?


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How To Swallow A Pig

Ever wonder how a python can swallow a pig or how a grebe can dance? Learn how in How To Swallow A Pig.


Told from the perspective of various animals, How To Swallow A Pig informs readers how these animals survive, using their problem solving skills.


Cut and torn paper collage beautifully illustrates this humorous yet informative step-by-step how to guide. More fun facts about the animals are presented in the back of book. This book promotes creativity, imagination, nature, and humor.

TITLE: How To Swallow A Pig

AUTHORS: Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

ILLUSTRATOR: Steve Jenkins

PUBLISHER: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creativity, imagination,  humorous


1) Invent an animal from your imagination. What behavior does your animal exhibit in order to survive? Write a step-by-step guide showing how your animal problem solves.

2) Use collage to illustrate your invented animal and its habitat.


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