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Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building

Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building”

Author/illustrator Christy Hale pairs children building with concrete poetry alongside photos of structures from around the world.

Readers will see how kids’ constructions can be expressed in the works of architects.

Backmatter includes explanations about the buildings and the architects who designed the buildings. Quotes from each architect demonstrate their thoughts about design and creative process.

This story promotes creative components ofwonder, flexible thinking, and creative expression.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I like this book because of the children’s buildings being paired with an architect’s structure demonstrates to readers how something simple can become complex. It inspires readers to compare form and design and wonder what they can create with materials they have laying around the house. I love children’s poetry and appreciate how the concrete poetry celebrates the joy of building.

TITLE: Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building

AUTHOR: Christy Hale


PUBLISHER: Lee & Low Books, 2012


TOPIC(S): architecture, building

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: wonder, flexible thinking, creative expression


1) Research buildings with unique structures. Pick one. What materials that around your house most resemble your building’s structure? Build the building using your materials.

2) Play with wooden blocks.

“The maple wood blocks…are in my fingers to this day.” -Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

3) Utilize different types of building blocks to build an Outer Space city. In what ways do the different types of blocks work together?


To learn more about author/illustrator Christy Hale, visit:


Iggy Peck, Architect Saves The Day With His Inventive Thinking


Ever since Iggy Peck was a toddler, he built towers, buildings and bridges with whatever materials he could find. When Iggy enters second grade, his teacher discourages his passion for building until one day he saves the day with his ingenious invention. This book promotes pursuing one’s passion and using imaginative and flexible thinking.

TITLE: Iggy Peck, Architect

AUTHOR: Andrea Beaty

ILLUSTRATOR: David Roberts

PUBLISHER: Abrams Books for Young Reader, 2007

AGE GROUP: elementary

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: flexibility, imagination, inventive


1) Ask child to list what materials s/he could use to build a structure based on what things are available exactly at the moment the question is asked. Sketch the structure. What is the structure’s purpose? How will it be held together?

2) Design and build a structure out of chalk.

3) Iggy had a passion for architecture – inventing structures and buildings. Ask the child what his/her interests are and which one is his/her favorite. Have child share his/her interest with others.


To learn more about Andrea Beaty, visit http://www.andreabeaty.com

To learn more about David Roberts, visit http://www.davidrobertsillustration.com