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“What Shapes Can Be”

“What Shapes Can Be”


Go, Shapes, Go

Go, Shapes, Go is a creative book of art and imagination. Writing in rhyme, Denise Fleming uses her skilled technique of creating collage by pouring colored cotton fiber through hand-cut stencils to design unique illustrations.

Mouse wants the Shapes to perform a show by arranging themselves into a monkey for him. Mouse accidentally runs into Monkey and the Shapes fall apart. But they quickly rearrange themselves into another animal. Watch out, Mouse! This book promotes creativity and imagination.

TITLE: Go, Shapes, Go

AUTHOR: Denise Fleming

ILLUSTRATOR: Denise Fleming

PUBLISHER: Beach Lane Books, 2014


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creativity, imagination


1) Do a crayon rubbing, using different textures. Using these papers, cut out different shapes. Arrange these shapes into an image. Then rearrange the shapes again into another image.

2) From a piece of paper, cut out a circle or other shape so that your paper has a hole in it. Figure out how to make this holed paper into a work of art and then create it.

3) Play with Tangrams   tangramcat



To learn more about author/illustrator Denise Fleming, visit: http://www.denisefleming.com

Creative Thinking Prompt: Analogical Collage

Another element of creative thinking is to think analogically. Analogical thinking is  comparing one subject with another subject to discover how they relate to each other,  in other words what things they have in common.



Aristotle believed that whoever is master of metaphor is the master of thought.

Creative Thinking Prompt: How Are You Like______? Using Collage to Make Analogies.

Each student will create a personal collage, arranging and pasting cut pictures from magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc. that metaphorically represent him/her into different patterns or associations.

Give students time to reflect on their collage. Have students write three sentences about what they discovered about themselves using metaphors or similes. Include this sentence,  I am a lot like_____________ because _______________.

Think Deeper:

After student has finished his/her collage. Place all students’ collages on a board.

After allowing time for students to compare, think, and reflect, have each student finish this sentence about the collage as a whole –

Our class is a lot like ____________ because _______________.

(This activity was inspired by the book, Cracking Creativity, written by Michael Michalko.)