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The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver

“The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver”

George Washington Carver’s tale begins in a secret garden that he kept as a child. Exploring the woods to discover something new, young George studied nature on his own. 

No matter how much others tried to discourage him, George grew his flower garden, experimenting and learning. He wanted to share what he learned with others. Soon he became known as “the Plant Doctor.” 

At age twelve, he left his home and attended many schools to study agriculture and art. In 1896, George becomes the first Black man to graduate from Iowa Agricultural College with a master’s degree. During his life, George experiments with new crops, particularly the peanut. He develops over three hundred uses for the peanut. Check out this book to learn more about George Washington Carver’s life.

At the back of the book is a timeline of George Washington Carver’s life with further reading recommendations and a bibliography.

The gorgeous illustrations entrap the reader within George’s world.

This book promotes creative components of a creative person, courage, perseverance, and inventiveness.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because it shows rather than tells the story of George through word painting and illustrations. 

TITLE: The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver

AUTHOR: Gene Barretta

ILLUSTRATOR: Frank Morrison

PUBLISHER: Katherine Tegen Books, 2020


TOPIC(S): biography of George Washington Carver

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creative person, courage, perseverance, inventive


1) Plant a garden filled with vegetables that you enjoy eating.

2) Care for a plant in your home. Try experimenting with sunlight by placing the plant in different windows. See which light source helps your plant grow best. 

3) Design an experiment to grow a plant, and then do it. What were your results? How might you redesign the experiment to grow more plants?


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A Stone for Sascha

A Stone for Sascha”

A summer vacation is different for a young girl and her family without their beloved dog.

As the girl throws rocks into the ocean, she wonders and discovers a truth across the ages. A meteorite strikes Earth. This rock changes hands through many eras, becoming an important part of different civilizations.

Finally it lands at the bottom of the ocean and washes ashore to become something again.

A beautiful wordless story that deals with grief and how things never truly disappear.

This book promotes imagination, originality, and courage.

TITLE: A Stone for Sascha

AUTHOR: Aaron Becker


PUBLISHER: Candlewick Press, 2018


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, originality, courage


1) Name one thing that goes on forever. How is the thing able to keep going on? What happens to this thing as time goes on? Does it change as it goes?

2) What else can a stone do? Brainstorm a list of ideas. Pick one of your ideas and change it into a story that can help someone.


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Watch the trailer and the story behind the making this book:




After unpacking her things, a girl sits in her new bedroom, listening to the neighborhood kids play outside. She picks at a corner of peeling wallpaper and discovers…

worlds and…

a monster.

When the girl notices the monster is sad and lonely, she says hello. They play until her tummy rumbles for lunch. After lunch, she hears the kids playing and waves to them.

This book promotes imagination, courage, and creative problem solving.

TITLE: Wallpaper

AUTHOR: Thao Lam


PUBLISHER: Owlkids Books, 2018


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, courage, creative problem solving


1) If you peeled away wallpaper, what worlds might you find?

2) What can you do to welcome a new student to your school?


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