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I’m Trying To Love Spiders


A creative non-fiction book, I’m Trying To Love Spiders, combines facts about spiders and author Bethany Barton’s journey of overcoming her fear of spiders.

imtryingtolovespiderspg1 ©Bethany Barton

In regards to her perspective on spiders, Bethany Barton stated, “I want to think of them as bug ninjas.” She believes that she shouldn’t be afraid of them since spiders do good things for the world. Did you know that a single spider can eat over 75 pounds of bugs in a year?

imstilltyringtolovespiderspg2 ©Bethany Barton

Humorous illustrations accompany spider facts.

This story promotes humor, combination – facts with imagination, and a different perspective.

TITLE: I’m Trying To Love Spiders

AUTHOR: Bethany Barton

ILLUSTRATOR: Bethany Barton

PUBLISHER: Viking, 2015


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: humor, combination – facts with imagination, and different perspective


1) Pick an animal that you don’t like. Research that animal. Discover at least five facts that you find good (positive) about it. Having learned these new facts, how does it change your perception about the animal? Remember even if you still don’t like the animal, you can appreciate and respect it.

2) Make a variety of homemade spiders.

spider-handprint Handprint spider.

Egg carton with pipe cleaner spider. egg-carton-spider

donut-pretzel-spiders-halloween-easy-fun-kid-craft Doughnut and pretzel spider. To easily make these, visit: http://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/2014/09/24/easy-mini-donut-spiders-easy-halloween-treat-kids-can-make.html#_a5y_p=2500159


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How To Swallow A Pig

Ever wonder how a python can swallow a pig or how a grebe can dance? Learn how in How To Swallow A Pig.


Told from the perspective of various animals, How To Swallow A Pig informs readers how these animals survive, using their problem solving skills.


Cut and torn paper collage beautifully illustrates this humorous yet informative step-by-step how to guide. More fun facts about the animals are presented in the back of book. This book promotes creativity, imagination, nature, and humor.

TITLE: How To Swallow A Pig

AUTHORS: Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

ILLUSTRATOR: Steve Jenkins

PUBLISHER: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creativity, imagination,  humorous


1) Invent an animal from your imagination. What behavior does your animal exhibit in order to survive? Write a step-by-step guide showing how your animal problem solves.

2) Use collage to illustrate your invented animal and its habitat.


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