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Dizzy, a picture book biography, “is the story of one real cool cat who must have been born with a horn in his hands…” Dizzy Gillespie, born poor and often beat up by other kids, re-channeled his anger into playing the trumpet given to him by his music teacher. As he grew older, Dizzy refused to follow the rules of music. He clowned around, added notes to songs, played never-been-heard notes, and always puffed out his cheeks when playing his trumpet. Dizzy had created a new kind of music – BEBOP.

This story is written like a jazz song with LOUD and s t a c c a t o beats, short lines, long lines and more, so the reader can feel the rhythm as seen in the illustration below.

This book promotes individuality, inventor, creative person, risk-taker, unique, and following one’s heart.

TITLE: Dizzy

AUTHOR: Jonah Winter


PUBLISHER: Arthur A. Levine Books, 2006


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: individuality, inventor, creative person, risk-taker, unique, following one’s heart


1) What are you passionate about? Do you feel like you can’t live without it? If you couldn’t pursue your passion, what would you do instead?

2) How do you express yourself creatively?

3) Whether or not you play instrument, what instrument do you like the sound of the most? What instrument do you like the structure and shape of the most?


Notice how the illustrator uses color and thick brush strokes to convey the energy and tone of Dizzy’s music. Paint how you feel when you are doing something you love and then paint how you feel when you are doing something you don’t like.


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Creative Thinking Prompt: Snow Artist Simon Beck


Simon Beck Snow Art

12-2-16 Creative Thinking Prompt: Snow Artist Simon Beck

With an engineering background and a keen sense of direction, snowshoe-cladded Simon Beck treks through the snow creating awe-inspiring geometric art.

In this six minute video, watch Beck work and discover what inspires his designs. https://vimeo.com/155292692

Creative Thinking Prompt: Design a geometric image. First sketch it on paper, then draw it in fresh snow or in sand.

To learn more about Simon Beck, visit:


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Creative Thinking Prompt: Get Creative with Juggling


Creative Thinking Prompt: Get Creative with Juggling

Juggling increases the connectivity in our brains, helping us to focus, develop our hand-eye coordination and improve our spatial reasoning. In my opinion, if juggling betters all these brain processes, juggling can increase those same brain functions that are needed for creative thinking.

So…to learn how to juggle three balls, watch juggler instructor Niels Duinker:


Creative thinker Viktor Kee, a contestant on the TV show, America’s Got Talent (AGT), has brought juggling to an elevated work of art, combining artistry, acrobatics, dance and drama to pioneer his original exclusive style.

To watch Viktor’s performance on AGT:


To learn more about Viktor, visit: