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Creative Thinking Prompt: Paper Fish

Creative Thinking Prompt: Paper Fish

While thinking about a new story character, I surfed the web looking at images of paper fish. While creating fish from paper isn’t a new concept, I wanted to see what others had done and how that might inspire me.

I discovered Easy Peasy and Fun’s website and The Crafty Mom at YouTube. Using their easy tutorials, I made two fish creations.

A shark bookmark that looks like he is eating the corner of my book.



An accordion fish that looks like it moves.


Use the examples above to inspire your own unique fish creations. What types of fish can you create from paper and glue? Make your fish into storybook characters. Make a paper aquarium for your fish.

“What A Line Can Become”

“What A Line Can Become”


Andrew Drew and Drew

Andrew was a doodle boy. As readers follow Andrew’s doodle line by lifting page flaps, they discover how Andrew’s imagination transforms a line into a doodle.

andrewstarteddrawingpage  andrewdrewpage2  andrewdrewpage3

Andrew Drew and Drew celebrates the discovery of imagination, allowing the process of creativity to unfold.

This book promotes creativity, imagination, discovery and the creative process.

TITLE: Andrew Drew and Drew

AUTHOR: Barney Saltzberg

ILLUSTRATOR: Barney Saltzberg

PUBLISHER: Abrams Appleseed, 2012


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creativity, imagination, discovery, creative process


1) Make your mind a blank slate. Don’t think about anything. When your mind is clear, pick up a pencil and begin to move your hand in any direction on a blank piece of paper for one minute. Then from your line doodle, pick a section of your line. On a clean sheet of paper, using your chosen line segment, start a new doodle. Spend only a minute or two on your doodle, transforming this doodle into a picture.

Here is my doodle line (the curly one) that I made into a picture.


A bird air surfing through the spray of rollicking ocean waves.


To learn more about author/illustrator Barney Saltzberg,

visit: http://www.barneysaltzberg.com