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Creative Thinking Prompt: Paintblots

Creative Thinking Prompt: Paint Blots

What do you see in the above paint blot? I see a person facing left and a person facing right. Traditionally, ink blots are blotted patterns of spilled ink that are used in personality tests. Instead of using black ink, I used gold paint. And we will use blots for fun – to feed our imaginations.

I see a praying mantis and a dinosaur skull. What do you see?

I see a maple leaf. When I turn it upside-down, I see a turtle. What do you see?

Create your own paint blots. Fold a piece of paper in half. Unfold it. On one half of the paper, place a few blobs of paint. Fold the paper and pat your hand over the paper. Unfold. What images do you see? Turn the paper 90 degrees. What do you see now? Turn it again. What do you see again? Ask others what they see? How does their interpretations differ from yours?

Creative Thinking Prompt: Visual Puns

11-4-16 Creative Thinking Prompt: Visual Puns

A visual pun is a play on words using images.


“Laughing Gas” from Punny Pixels http://digitalsynopsis.com/design/punny-pixels-illustrated-puns-visual-wordplay/

A pun:

  • uses a word that has a double meaning or different associations
  • can communicate a message without using written words
  • figurative language – uses words or expressions with a meaning that is different from the literal interpretation
  • combines two or more symbols to form a new meaning

Visual puns are fun and a clever way to use your creativity.

Can you guess what this is?


If not here’s its realistic counterpart.


Creative Thinking Prompt: Create your own visual puns. Here’s a list to get you started:  ipod, butterfly, bookworm, fruit fly, running shoes, house fly.

Think Deeper: Invent a visual pun joke.

Here’s my visual pun joke.


What did the eggs do when they saw the frying pan?


They scrambled away.

Creative Thinking Prompt: Hidden on the Inside


Creative Thinking Prompt: Hidden on the Inside

This post started with “I wonder… how marshmallows have an outer crust to protect the gooey inside when the outer and inner parts of the marshmallow are made of similar ingredients.”

Then I asked another question – what is similar to a marshmallow with the soft gooey inside and a harder outside shell. Then my mind made another connection, which led to today’s creative thinking prompt.

What else hides something inside?

Think nature. Use your imagination. Look around you. Add 30 more ideas to the list below.

  • shells protect nuts
  • skin protects muscles and organs
  • egg shells
  • protective outer shell contains that contain a hidden
  • a chest filled with treasure
  • beans pods with beans inside
  • milkweed pods
  • a house

Think Deeper: Make your own marshmallows. What flavor would you create?

Here are two different recipes.