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Creative Thinking Prompt: Environmental Fashion Art


Photo: Nicole Dextras

Creative Thinking Prompt: Environmental Fashion Art

Creative thinkers think in a different way. They see the world in a different way. They use materials in ways that they aren’t intended. An environmental artist uses natural items to create works of art. What if you were an environmental artist, how might you use natural materials such as leaves and flowers to create fashion? Design an article of clothing for yourself, a doll, a fairy or gnome using botanical materials.

To learn and see more of Nicole Dextras’s botanical wearables and her Weedrobes, visit:


Think Deeper: How do you express your individuality through fashion?

Creative Thinking Prompt: Jelly Bean Surprise


Creative Thinking Prompt: Jelly Bean Surprise

Write the word ‘bean’ at the top of a piece of lined paper. Brainstorm 25 things related to ‘bean.’ Then think up five more.

bean stalk

jelly bean

lima bean

pinto bean

bean sprout

black bean

refried beans

string beans

green bean

bean bag chair

bean bag

Pick five or more from your list and write a story using the title, Jelly Bean Surprise. Your chosen items can be characters, part of the story problem, part of the solution, part of the setting, etc.

As you write, remember that stories have a beginning (character has a problem), middle (character attempts to solve problem), and end (character solves the problem). When you’re finished, share your story, if you’d like.

Creative Thinking Prompt: What Can You Do With Pretzels?

Creative Thinking Prompt: What Can You Do With Pretzels?

Build a roller coaster of course. Using different sized pretzels, a hot glue gun, and their imaginations, contest contestants built coasters. Although I don’t believe Synder’s of Hanover sponsors this contest anymore, watch this Youtube video to be inspired to build your own coaster.



Or make animals using melted chocolate and candy decorations.




Photo courtesy of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kidmissile/

Or use pretzel bread to make a sandwich.

What can you do with a bag of pretzels?