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Write Your Sound Story

Creative Thinking Prompt: Sound Story

Begin by collecting sounds. Go on a nature walk. Record the sounds you hear.

Listen to songs of instrumental music. Which instruments remind you of the nature sounds you heard?

Walk around your town or city. Record sounds. How do the sounds you heard in a city environment differ from the sounds you heard in a countryside?

Write a short song story about yourself, using the sounds you have collected to represent you instead of words.

 Extending Connections:

To add more nature sounds and other sounds to your sound library, visit:


To listen to sounds of instruments, visit:


Creative Thinking Prompt: Create a Healthy Kid Ad

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create a Healthy Kid Ad


What do these two images have in common?

These ads promote health: healthy food and healthy lungs.

Think about:

The main purpose of advertising is to make people aware of a product and persuade them to buy it or use it.

What is the message that these two advertisements are promoting?

How is imagery used to influence people?

How might you improve these ads?

Creative Thinking Prompt: Design an advertisement that educates kids on the importance of being healthy. It can be a product like an exercise machine, game, book, food, or exercise video. Think about in what ways a kid is like the product you have chosen. How can you use that to represent a healthy kid in your ad? What colors might you use? How will you lay out your design?  Draw your ad. Don’t forget to add a slogan – a short phrase that people can easily remember.