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Creative Thinking Prompt: Santa’s Beard Games

Creative Thinking Prompt: Santa’s Beard Games



What things can you find in Santa’s beard? Using the ABCs, list things one might find in Santa’s beard on Christmas Eve.




Pin the beard on Santa.  



What else can this be? Brainstorm 15 different things this could be.




Make an origami Santa hat at https://weheartit.com/entry/52375235

Design a new style for Santa’s beard and mustache. With this new style, is Santa still Santa? Yes or no, and why?

Oh no! Santa’s beard didn’t grow in time. What else could Santa wear to replace his beard? Brainstorm 10 things Santa could wear.

Creative Thinking Prompt: Invent your own Santa’s Beard game.

Creative Thinking Prompt: Play ZA ZA ZOOM! ®

Use your imagination to play ZA ZA ZOOM! ®  created by Hervé Tullet, the author/illustrator of these books

Press Here,

Let’s Play!,

and Mix It Up!

ZA ZA ZOOM! ® an open-ended game with its double-sided cards

fosters imagination and stimulates creative thinking. There are many different ways to play. Players can create their own games, play a matching game or the Roadbuilder game or the Patterngrower game.

Ages: 3 and up

Players: 2-4 players; partners or single players

Created by: Hervé Tullet (picture book author/illustrator)

Published: Chronicle Books, 2016

Any way you play it, ZA ZA ZOOM! ® is sure to be a visual adventure.

To learn more about Hervé Tullet, visit:


Creative Thinking Prompt: Imagination Game Play with SQUIGGLE®


Use Your Imagination to Play SQUIGGLE® – a creative drawing game

Ages: 8 and up

Players: Teams of 2 players

How to Play: Teams compete to turn a squiggle into a picture. Choosing from the deck of squiggles, players transform their chosen squiggle line into a picture within sixty seconds. Players take turns having their teammate guess what was drawn. If guessed correctly, your team earns points. Points are awarded based on the difficultly of the squiggle and the uniqueness of the picture. There are 3 levels of squiggles: easy, challenging, and mind-boggling.

In 2002, John Kiely created RandomLine, Inc., a company, which offers products and games that encourage children to be creative and use their imagination and whose motto is No Noise. No Batteries. Simply Imagination.

Visit http://www.randomline.com for many more fun, creative games that don’t require batteries.