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Creative Thinking Prompt: What Does & What Doesn’t

Creative Thinking Prompt: What Does & What Doesn’t

For this creative thinking prompt, I am taking inspiration from a page in Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s THE WONDER BOOK.

called “Further Clarification”

What Grows on Trees & What Doesn’t Grow on Trees


Creative Thinking Prompt: What Goes On A Pizza & What Doesn’t Go On A Pizza

Brainstorm for two minutes a list of “Things That Go On A Pizza.”

Then brainstorm “What Doesn’t Go On A Pizza” for two minutes.

Look over your two lists and circle the two most wacky items.

Next brainstorm lists for “What Goes In A Snow Pile” & “What Doesn’t Go In a Snow Pile”.

Think Deeper: Make up your own What Does & What Doesn’t and give to your family and friends to think up.

Creative Thinking Prompt: Nature Inspired Designs

Creative Thinking Prompt: Nature Inspired Designs


Curiosity seeker Leonardo da Vinci observed nature fanatically, taking notes and drawing sketches in his notebooks. Da Vinci’s nature observations lead him to design inventions that were ahead of his time. His observations of  birds and their wing structures inspired Da Vinci to design a plane and a parachute.




Many of Da Vinci’sdesigns weren’t able to come to fruition because the materials needed to make his inventions weren’t available during his lifetime.

Your challenge is to observe nature – the plants, trees, water sources, and wildlife. Make a list of attributes for each item you observe. From your list, combine two attributes to inspire an invention design of your own.

Think Deeper:


To learn more about Leonardo da Vinci, check out this book:


To read about other animal inspired inventions, visit:


“Go Wild With Your Ideas!”

“Go Wild With Your Ideas!”


Wild Ideas: Let Nature Inspire Your Thinking

         Having trouble coming up with solutions to problems? Let nature inspire you. Many creative thinkers like Ben Franklin and Leonardo da Vinci observed nature and animals to inspire and “borrow” ideas to solve human problems. In this creative nonfiction picture book – Wild Ideas, author Elin Kelsey, uses scientific research to show readers how animals utilize innovation to creatively tackle their everyday survival problems.

Soyeon Kim’s beautiful artwork merges real-life materials, sketching and painting to produce inventive three-dimensional dioramas. This book promotes creative problem solving, nature, and idea inspiration.

TITLE: Wild Ideas: Let Nature Inspire Your Thinking

AUTHOR: Elin Kelsey

ARTWORK: Soyeon Kim

PUBLISHER: Owlkids Books, 2015


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creative problem solving, nature, idea inspiration


1) Choose an animal you would like to learn more about. Research this animal. How does this animal solve its problems of survival? Think about a problem you have. How could this animal help you with a solution to your problem?

2) Take a walk outdoors. Observe the animals – birds, insects, mammals, amphibians that you encounter. What behaviors did they exhibit? Can you think of a machine or invention design that uses a similar behavior?


To learn more about author Elin Kelsey’s books, visit: http://www.elinkelseyandcompany.com

To learn more about Soyeon Kim’s artwork, visit: http://www.owlkids.com/featured-products/soyeon-ki/

To lean more, check out: http://owlkidsbooks.com/wildideas