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If I Built A Car

If I Built A Car”

Written and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen, If I Built A Car is an imaginative, fun, rhyming story.

To transform a car from boring to spectacular, Jack imagines a grand design.

A pool, a fish tank, and a snack bar are a few necessary features.

A grand car is not complete without soaring through the sky and diving underwater with environmentally-friendly fumes–flowers and blueberry muffins. What kind of car would you design?

This book promotes creative expression and imagination.

TITLE: If I Built A Car

AUTHOR: Chris Van Dusen

ILLUSTRATOR: Chris Van Dusen

PUBLISHER: Dutton Children’s Books, 2005


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creative expression, imagination


1) Let your imagination go wild! Design your own car. Begin by researching vintage and modern cars. What features do you like? Is there a specific time period you are drawn to? Brainstorm one category – things that fly. Brainstorm a second category – things that float. From each list, circle your two most unusual things. Combine them to create a new car design. What purpose(s) would your car serve?

2) Chris Van Dusen dedicates his book to his parents in a funny, clever way.

Write a clever dedication to someone who inspired you to accomplish an important endeavor.


To learn more about author/illustrator Chris Van Dusen, visit:


Creative Thinking Prompt: Graffiti Name Art

Creative Thinking Prompt: Graffiti Name Art

How many times in a day do you write your name? Give your name some spunk and pizazz with graffiti.


Learn how to draw your graffiti name at http://arteascuola.com/2016/10/art-graffiti-style/

Learn how to draw graffiti names at https://www.wikihow.com/Draw-Graffiti-Names

Did you know that modern graffiti is widely considered to have started in 1967 by Cornbread, a high school student from Philadelphia, who tagged city walls to get the attention of a girl?

***Do not graffiti other people’s property without their permission.

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create a Super Pet

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create a Super Pet

Brainstorm attributes of a superhero, in other words what makes a superhero.


Brainstorm a list of animals that are not “typical” pets.

From your pet list, choose one animal.

From this list of energy, research one and integrate it into your pet’s superpower.







Using the 5W1H method, describe your pet’s superpower:

Why does your pet use its superpower?

What does your pet do with its superpower?

Where does your pet use its superpower?

When does your pet use its superpower?

Who does you pet use its superpower against?

How does your pet use its superpower?

Pet Name:



Favorite Food: