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Creative Thinking Prompt: Design A Toy


Creative Thinking Prompt: Design A Toy

  Step One: Research past and present toys.

Which ones do you like? Why?

Which ones do you not like? Why?

Which characteristics of the toys you picked could you use in your new toy?

What parts from your favorite toy could you use in your new toy?

Now ⇒  Think About Your Toy Design




Moving Parts?



What type of toy do you want to make?

What materials will your toy be made from?

What can you do with it?

Why is it fun to play with?

Who will play with this toy?

Who will buy this toy?

How will someone play with it?

 Step Two: Sketch out your design.

 Step Three: Invent your toy.

Use recyclables and items found around the house to design your toy.

Introduce your toy to someone. Let them ask questions about your toy.

 Step Four: Revise your toy design.

  Step Five: Name your toy. Write a brief description on how to play with your toy.

 Step Six: Marketing

Where will you sell your toy?

Design a logo and brand name.

How will you package your toy?

What will your toy cost?

How is your toy different than other toys?

Why would someone buy your toy?

  Happy Toy Inventing!  

Creative Thinking Prompt: Caterpillar Inspired Invention


Creative Thinking Prompt: Caterpillar Inspired Robot


Curling softly, leaping, flipping

Self-propelling forward zipping

Wheeling wingless, Rolling limbless

Creepy-crawly somersaulty


Sparks idea – Insect robot

Search and rescue find the X-spot

Wheeling, flipping, rolling, zipping,

Creepy-crawly somersaulty


© Ann Kelley 2016

When I was researching the subject of caterpillars to write this poem, I came across the Crambidae rolling caterpillar family which inspired the movement for a search and rescue robot.

To learn more about this robot, visit:


To see the caterpillar and robot in action, visit the Youtube video links.

CATERPILLAR:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZe9qWi-LUo

ROBOT:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqt4EIQRwxk

THINK DEEPER: What other insects have inspired inventions? Observe an insect in its natural habitat. Sketch the insect. What trait or behavior of the insect lends itself to an invention? Sketch an idea for an invention incorporating the insect trait/behavior.

PHOTO from http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/flexible-rolling-robot-copies-caterpillars-escape-mechanism-video/ and courtesy of Huai-Ti Lin