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Flight School

Flight School”

Little Penguin has the heart of an eagle but he isn’t made to soar. He goes to Flight School to learn how to fly.

“Penguins just aren’t build to fly,” said Teacher.

Sad Little Penguin readies to leave school but his friends have an idea.

With some technical help, Little Penguin flies.

This book promotes individuality and passion for one’s dream.

TITLE: Flight School

AUTHOR: Lita Judge


PUBLISHER: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2014


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: individuality, perseverance, passion for one’s dream


1) The old saying goes “Birds of a feather stick together.” But Little Penguin didn’t stay with his flock. He decided to pursue his dream. What’s something you aren’t old enough to do (that is safe) that you really, really want to do? How might you persuade a grown-up that you are ready?

2) Using colored craft feathers, make a rainbow creation to remind yourself to pursue your dreams no matter how challenging.


To learn more about author/illustrator Lita Judge, visit:


Creative Thinking Prompt: Snow Words

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create Your Own Snow Words

Many countries have different words for different types of snow. To date the Sami culture  of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia, are known to have 180 words to describe snow while the Scottish have over 413 words for snow.


Skelf – snowflake (Scotland)

Snjór/Snær: Snow (Icelandic)

Ciegar: Snowfield which has been trampled and dug up by reindeer (Sami)

Lappvante- thick falling snow (Swedish)

Aputi: snow on the ground (Inuit/Yupik)

Creative Thinking Prompt: Create Your Own Snow Words

  1. Brainstorm different types of snow. Spark your imagination by looking at how other countries and cultures view snow.
  2. Invent 10 new words to describe different types of snow. Notice how your words sound and look. What if you used marks above vowels, how would that change the sound of your words?
  3. How would people unfamiliar with your language learn your new language?

For extra fun, experiment by making snow playdough using two ingredients.


Equal amounts of each:


Unscented Lotion


Glitter and/or a drop of Peppermint Extract or Oil

SNOW PLAY DOUGH RECIPE 2 using baking soda and hair conditioner:


Creative Thinking Prompt: Design A Chair That’s You

Creative Thinking Prompt: Design A Chair That’s You

A chair is a commonly used object. Here are some truly unique ones.

 rhino, walrus, octopus

 books and CDs

Creative Thinking Prompt: Design a chair that represents you. Use your imagination to create a chair that doesn’t resemble a traditional chair. Make it as original as you. What are some different types of chairs (rocking chair, throne, etc.)? What materials would you use and why? What is the purpose of your chair? What colors will you use? How will you decorate/embellish your chair? How will you use your chair? How many legs will your chair have? Will your chair have a back? What will the back look like? How will the seat of your chair be designed? Sketch your chair design.

To view some more interesting chairs, visit: